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Welcome to the Muskoka Web Map.  The District Municipality of Muskoka's GIS department strives to make our geographic data available and accessible to everybody in an easy to use interface.  To begin exploring the beauty of Muskoka, click on the Muskoka Web Map button below.  If you are browsing on a mobile device then click on the Muskoka Web Map for Mobile button.

June 27 2016 Media Release:  District Releases Historical Air Photos Sets

New Feature:  The "Choose your Map" page is shown after the disclaimer and helps to direct you to the map you wish to work with.  This lets you hit the ground running with the Muskoka Web Map..

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The new Muskoka Web Map comes with a clean and efficient public interface. Some of the new features include setting layer transparency, layer re-ordering, annotations, collapsible panels, and support for all current browsers.

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Muskoka Web Map is now mobile. With most of the features of the standard Muskoka Web Map on your smart phone, you can use our application anywhere and on the go. Mobile has powerful features like quick info, query/search, measurement and above all touch support for iPhone and Android devices.